Let’s celebrate success

Recently, we had the chance to reflect on our last 10 years of operations and were astonished by the unprecedented growth facts:

  • The Clinical Research department grew 8 times the size it was back in 2013.
  • Regulatory Affairs services became available to 32 new countries all around the globe and the staff number increased 7 times.
  • The Pharmacovigilance department introduced Medical Information services and all together grew from a local provider to a global partner serving our clients on 5 continents.
  • Biomapas Group grew its revenues 15 times and is currently the “home” of more than 300 professionals.

Today, we are even happier to announce that our remarkable growth will get an additional boost by further strengthening our core leadership team. Starting this week, Audrius Sveikata will be serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Biomapas, while our current Board Member Janos Filakovsky is being appointed as the new CEO at Biomapas.

We are confident as a team that the experience and skills of Audrius and Janos to serve in their new roles will enable Biomapas to be an even better business partner, top-rated employer, and ambitious market leader.

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