Biomapas Academy

The Biomapas Academy is an educational opportunity for students and graduates to deepen their knowledge and learn directly from the global life science experts and professionals.

Bridging The Gap. From Academy To Industry.

Biomapas hosts its own academy – a multidisciplinary program, oriented to bring exceptional practice to students and foster the growth of their professional careers. It is a unique opportunity for young professionals to broaden their understanding of the life sciences industry.

You will have an opportunity to ask Biomapas experts everything, related to Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and find out more about responsibilities in different roles and responsibilities, that might be at your interest now or in the future, starting from Clinical Trials Assistant, Medical Writer, Local Safety Officer or Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance.

During the 3-month program, you will get an opportunity to find out more about three different fields:

Clinical Research

Early clinical development experts with one-stop-shop capabilities in high recruiting countries, accelerating product path to the market.

Regulatory Affairs

Local regulatory experts for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies across Europe and emerging markets from dossier development to full lifecycle management.


Solid extension of Pharma and Biotech safety team for both full PV system and local safety network across Europe and emerging markets (CIS & EAEU).

Dovilė Jurevičiūtė

Dovilė Jurevičiūtė

The Academy allowed me to broaden my horizons, learn from global professionals, improve my life sciences knowledge, and gain valuable experience.

I want to encourage everyone who is thinking about participation – it will definitely be helpful for your career.

Artūras Rakovskis

Artūras Rakovskis

I am highly grateful for the opportunity
I was offered. Having a chance to participate in such training, you gain a lot of valuable experience that you can apply in the pharmaceutical industry.

These 4 months were unforgettable
and highly interesting.

Gertrūda Pėtelytė

Gertrūda Pėtelytė

I believe that the knowledge I have gained in this Academy will help me expand my professional perspectives.

I think Biomapas Academy is very useful for young professionals, especially for those who want to get to know their professional opportunities better.

During the Academy, more than 10 global experts from Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic and Russia will share their industry insights and discuss relevant issues and questions to encourage a better understanding of Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance.

Previous Biomapas Academy has attracted strongly motivated, ambitious and talented students as well as recent graduates. The success of the project has led to the further expansion of Biomapas Academy – it’s going international in 2021. Participants are welcome not only from Lithuania but from Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and Russia as well.

Learning Digitally

Did you know we are hosting this year’s academy online? We don’t want to risk anyone’s health and as always: better safe than sorry!


Still looking for reasons to join? How about these.

Learn From The Experts

Our global professionals from different departments share their insights and practical expertise.

Internship Opportunities

Your involvement in the Academy can lead to internship offers in different departments at Biomapas

Boost Your Career

It’s an opportunity to gain experience in the life sciences industry along with global experts.

Win A Scholarship

Academy student with the highest results will be rewarded with a 500 EUR scholarship of excellence.

Joining the academy. The rules.

Biomapas Academy is looking for students and recent graduates whose study specialization is in life sciences. The Academy is at no cost to all selected participants.

To be eligible for selection, the applicant should meet the following criteria:

  1. All applicants are required to be based in one of the five countries: Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland or Russia
  2. All applicants should have reached an English proficiency level of B2 or higher as all lectures and discussions will be held in English
  3. Students are expected to be willing and able to dedicate their time to participate in the Academy lectures and fulfil the assignments

One of the main selection criteria is the applicant’s motivation. The application process for Biomapas Academy 2021 has already closed. Follow our updates and news here and on Facebook to find out about the Biomapas Academy 2022 – learn what it takes to become a Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs or Pharmacovigilance professional!

Questions about the academy? Share them with us.

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