A complete spectrum of Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, and Medical Information services across Europe, CIS, EAEU and MENA regions.

At the heart of Biomapas. Always.

Values are how we shape our internal culture and environment, and they are all around us. You can find them in how we act and communicate, how we approach our clients and partners, and how we shape our company‘s future together.

Be the owner

  • Act as business owner
  • Be in charge of your development
  • See tasks through to the end
  • Take justified decisions on time
  • Admit & learn from mistakes
  • Be proactive

Be first. Be Smart.

  • Be curious and proactive
  • Be the best you can be
  • Lead off the beaten path
  • Welcome change
  • Have fun in the process

Be a partner

  • Identify the needs and expectations
  • Be prepared & flexible
  • Keep customer up to date
  • Be transparent and solution-oriented
  • Seek to create added value

Be together

  • Help others develop
  • Celebrate success together
  • Have each other’s back 
  • Explain & guide 
  • Ask for support

Be respectful

  • Level of respect ≠ level of authority
  • Openly consider different opinions
  • Give honest feedback and appreciation without judgement
  • Don’t be toxic, be the cure

We don‘t only need to know Biomapas’ values by heart anytime asked. We need to live our values all the time. – Regina Auskalnienė, MD

Our Mission & Vision.

To combine the strength of our expertise, experience and high quality deliverables to advance clinical development, market access and post-approval support to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries, and ultimately improve health of patients. With more than two decades of experience, we tailor our services to your specific needs.

Through centralized governance and thorough quality control, we ensure full compliance with all national, international and global guidelines and regulations. As one of the fastest growing solution providers in the Central Eastern Europe, we pride ourselves in delivering client-oriented solutions, by quickly adapting to ever-changing environment.


Thanks to the passion,  commitment, and quality we show our clients we form long-term partnerships.

Biomapas keeps increasing its geographical reach, range of services, and currently counts over 300 colleagues.

And a presence in over 60 countries across EU and the CIS, MENA, and EAEU region.

A Brief Overview Of Our History. That we’re proud of.



Biomapas is established and conducts its first BE studies


Phase I-IV Clinical Trials are initiated


First studies performed in the CIS region.


First PK/PD Studies with Biologicals/Biosimilars.


The Pharmacovigilance department is established.


Biomapas adds Medical Devices services to its portfolio and completes first projects.


Biomapas completes the ISO 9001:2008 to ensure high-quality services for its clients.


The launch of Clinical Safety and Medical Monitoring services


New offices open up in Russia and Georgia.


New office opens up in Ukraine.


Integrated ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016


New office opens up in Sweden.


New office opens up in Poland.


Biomapas adds Medical Information to its portfolio and consolidates its position as a partner from Early development to Post-Marketing.

Our Leadership Team

Audrius Sveikata, MD, PhD.

Audrius Sveikata, MD, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer

Juozas Buitkus, MEcon

Juozas Buitkus, MEcon

Chief Global PV, RA, MI Operating Officer

Regina Auskalnienė, MD

Regina Auskalnienė, MD

Chief Global Clinical Research

Filip Risteski,                    FCCA

Filip Risteski, FCCA

Chief Financial Officer

Laimonas Sutkus, B.Tech

Laimonas Sutkus, B.Tech

Chief Technology Officer

Egidija Pauriene,     MD

Egidija Pauriene, MD

Head of Quality Assurance

Eglė Pavyde, MPharm, PhDc

Eglė Pavyde, MPharm, PhDc

Head of Business Development

Petras Sveikata, BEc

Petras Sveikata, BEc

Head of Corporate Development

Our service delivery management team

Martijn van de Leur, MSc

Martijn van de Leur, MSc

Head of Global Pharmacovigilance

Olga Bernardova, MSc

Olga Bernardova, MSc

Head of Global Regulatory Affairs

Olga Asimaki, CMD, PhD.

Olga Asimaki, CMD, PhD.

Head of Global Medical Information

Claudia Ghisleri,      MSc

Claudia Ghisleri, MSc

Head of Regulatory Affairs Project Mgmt.

Michail Vinogradov, LLM

Michail Vinogradov, LLM

Medical Devices Project Mgmt.

Indrė Dryžienė,        MBI

Indrė Dryžienė, MBI

Head of Clinical Project Mgmt.

Albert Bekfi, MSc

Albert Bekfi, MSc

Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations

Justinas Ivaška, MD, PhD.

Justinas Ivaška, MD, PhD.

Head of Early Phase Unit

Irma Ušinskienė,      BSc

Irma Ušinskienė, BSc

Head of Clinical Monitoring

Olga Yefimova,          MD

Olga Yefimova, MD

Head of Study Startup

Our Board

Vidmantas Fokas, MD, PhD.

Vidmantas Fokas, MD, PhD.

Chief of the Board, Co-founder

Audrius Sveikata, MD, PhD.

Audrius Sveikata, MD, PhD.

Board Member, CEO & Co-founder

Petras Sveikata,      BEc

Petras Sveikata, BEc

Board Member

Aris Damušis,       LLM

Aris Damušis, LLM

Board Member

Adam Sherlock,      BSc

Adam Sherlock, BSc

Board Member

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