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CSV For Pharmacovigilance Systems

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At Biomapas, we understand the importance of compliance in the GxP regulated environment, particularly for pharmacovigilance systems. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you validate computerized systems that impact product quality, patient safety, and data integrity, adhering to stringent national and international regulations and guidelines.

The right combination of experience and technical knowhow.

Why Choose Biomapas for Your Pharmacovigilance System Validation?

1. In-depth Knowledge of Regulations & Guidelines

Our team is well-versed in the applicable regulations and guidelines, including 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, and GAMP 5. We also follow a risk-based approach recommended by competent authorities to focus validation activities on high-risk areas, reducing validation efforts while improving quality.

2. Expertise in Pharmacovigilance Systems

Our validation and pharmacovigilance experts develop and implement system validation activities based on a deep understanding of PV operations and industry best practices. Over the years, we have successfully validated and implemented multiple complex PV systems, including major safety databases, for various international pharma companies in the EU regions.

3. Dedicated Project Management

In our commitment to serve our customers, we assign a dedicated project manager to each client. This individual plays a pivotal role in meeting business and compliance objectives, regularly updating stakeholders about project progress. They are also in charge of cost control and proactive risk management, ensuring project goals are met effectively and efficiently. The project manager stands as a crucial link between the client, the project, and our internal team, driving the project from start to finish.

Case Study

As a real-world example, explore our case study of a Pharmacovigilance system validation we recently tackled. We were approached by a mid-sized pharma company in the European Union to validate a cloud-based safety database.

Choose Biomapas for Compliant and Cost-effective Pharmacovigilance System Validation

Our solutions allow you to implement complex GxP pharmacovigilance systems in a compliant and cost-effective manner, ensuring your organization’s highest quality and safety standards. Our Comprehensive Validation Services include:

  • Performing system assessment against regulatory requirements.
  • Conducting risk assessment of a computerized system.
  • Preparing validation documentation.
  • Executing validation scripts.
  • Maintaining the validated state of the system throughout its lifecycle.

Partner with Biomapas today and experience the difference between working with a devoted, experienced team that adapts to emerging situations and works closely with you and third parties to achieve your compliance goals.

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