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Every year, we select a limited number of applicants to become part of the Biomapas Academy, where they learn about Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. From theory to practice, we seek to answer all questions and lead young professionals into their careers.

Explore the experiences of our past students and how the academy impacted their professional journey afterwards. Read some success stories of newfound passions, changes in job fields, expanded understanding of the life sciences industry, and even completed internships.

Bridging The Gap.

From Academy To Industry.

I was really thrilled to be a participant in the Biomapas Academy. It was a great experience for me and a chance to learn from professionals. Many thanks to the Biomapas Team for their effort in preparing such insightful lectures.

Agnieszka Sosnicka

I truly believe that the knowledge and experience I have gained will help me grow professionally and expand new career opportunities. I really enjoyed this great Academy’s time. Thanks to the Biomapas team and lecturers who were always willing to answer all questions.

Aistė Butkevičiūtė

I am very grateful for having an opportunity to meet lots of different students from other countries, learning a lot from every one of them. Biomapas Academy is a great thing that really changed my understanding of clinical trials. Thank you!

Anastasiia Moisieienko

The pharmaceutical industry is highly complex and strictly regulated. Therefore, learning directly from the passionate field professionals was an invaluable experience. I think it will be extremely useful for career mobility in the future.

Audronė Čibiraitė

Biomapas Academy was a very beneficial experience – only useful information given in a nutshell. I also could count on the immediate support and ask questions even a few weeks later. I recommend Biomapas Academy for all students and graduates who want to start their journey.

Dawid Skoczek

Biomapas Academy has undoubtedly been a great experience. I had a wonderful chance to learn from many experienced professionals and gain knowledge in different fields of the pharmaceutical industry. Surely, it will be very useful considering further developments in my career.

Ieva Lenkaitė

Studying at the Biomapas Academy allows you to expand your knowledge with research, product development, distribution, safety worldwide. The best professionals have opened the international level of pharmacological research for us. The course is very interesting and rich.

Lena Kovalchuk

I’m glad to say that this experience exceeded my expectations. To be able to learn about clinical operations, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance from experienced professionals is truly a unique opportunity. I am certain it will prove useful in our future careers.

Rimantė Čirvinskaitė

Great chance and a lot of knowledge – this is Biomapas Academy! Learning from experienced professionals is a good opportunity to develop skills. A lot of information about Clinical Operations, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs. I recommend it to everyone!

Magdalena Romanska

With each lecture, I became more and more motivated to gain new knowledge and delve deeper into the topics. I hope the knowledge provided by qualified specialists will be useful in the future because this project led me to take an interest in career opportunities in these fields.

Milda Bulotaitė

It’s a new way of getting more information about different pharmaceutical domains that range from research and innovation, product development, production and distribution of drug products and indeed advancement and support of healthcare directly from the members of Biomapas.

Ieva Bagdanavičiūtė

Biomapas Academy is my discovery this year. I am so happy that I could join it and meet such interesting people. I feel that all my studies have not gone in vain, and I want to expand further and adapt my knowledge and experience.

Daiva Staradumskytė

Biomapas academy has been a great experience. The academy lecturers were well prepared and were always willing to answer all questions. I got to know a lot about the pharmaceutical industry, but also I have had a great, useful and enriching time.

Austėja Šalvytė

The experience I have gained allowed me to see and learn the other side of pharma, to get to know professionals in this field who share their work experience – for this, I am very grateful. Thanks to the entire Biomapas team for this short but memorable period together.

Roberta Dagilienė

Biomapas Academy

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