Gertrūda Pėtelytė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

Why did you decide to participate in the Biomapas Academy?

The first time I heard about Biomapas Academy was from a friend who was already working in the pharmacy field. She sent me an advertisement for Biomapas Academy, which highly intrigued me. As I was in my last year of life science master studies, I wanted to discover my potential career possibilities and learn more about clinical trials. Therefore, without long thinking, I filled in the application form. I was very happy to be selected from quite many applicants and be invited to attend Biomapas Academy.

How was your experience during the three months?

We had four months of weekly lectures on different topics. They were related to the organization of clinical trials, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance of various medical products. Biomapas experts who resented the lectures even shared their personal experience and actual practical examples with us. We have been able to get acquainted with Biomapas company and its work specifics. Here we could expand our knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.


How do you feel after graduating from the Academy?

I feel thrilled for taking a chance to participate in this unique project. After graduating from all the courses and tasks, I was absolutely honoured to be selected as the best student of Biomapas Academy 2020 and receive a scholarship. However, I mostly appreciate the valuable knowledge and experience I believe will be helpful for my future career. I think Biomapas Academy definitely contributes to the education of young professionals and is very useful, especially for those who want to get to know their professional opportunities better.

Biomapas Academy

What is Clinical Research? Regulatory Affairs? Pharmacovigilance?

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

At the time, I had already finished my Bioengineering studies, but I was continuing them in the Medical Biology field. As for quite some time Biomapas has been stuck in my mind as a prestigious company in the life sciences industry, I would visit their website or...

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