Roberta Dagilienė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

How did you decide to participate in the Biomapas Academy?

When I used to walk past a pharmacy every day, I could never stop dreaming about being able to help people and develop innovative pharmaceuticals. So while studying biomedical sciences, I became interested in the drug development paths, which led me to medicinal chemistry. And one day at the university, I saw a poster about the Biomapas Academy, which could help me understand what, how, where, and when happens to pharmaceutical products during the whole journey to reach us, so I signed up for it without hesitation. Even though I am usually not a lucky person, I was selected to be one of the participants, which surprised me!

How was your experience regarding the Academy?

During the few months, I deepened my existing knowledge of drug development stages and expanded it to learn more about drug regulation and pharmacovigilance. After graduating from the Academy, I got the opportunity to try out regulatory affairs as part of Biomapas – I completed a summer internship in the Regulatory Affairs department.


How do you feel after graduating from the Academy?

I will never forget this practice in my life, not only because it fulfilled what I was looking for, but it let me realize that I want to return to this company after my graduation and put my accumulated knowledge to use. Thanks again to all Biomapas staff for their insights and advice, and I hope to see you soon.

Biomapas Academy

What is Clinical Research? Regulatory Affairs? Pharmacovigilance?

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

At the time, I had already finished my Bioengineering studies, but I was continuing them in the Medical Biology field. As for quite some time Biomapas has been stuck in my mind as a prestigious company in the life sciences industry, I would visit their website or...

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