Dovilė Jurevičiūtė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

How did you decide to participate in the Biomapas Academy?

The first thing that caught my attention was the Biomapas Academy poster hanging on my university’s bulletin board. Shortly afterwards, the faculty management shared Biomapas’ invitation to register for the first Biomapas Academy. I wanted to learn more about this company, so I decided to take my chances and apply to the Academy. I was thrilled when I received a call with the happy news that I had successfully passed the selection process and was invited to attend the Academy.


What was your experience during the three months?

I listened to many interesting lectures, during which we got to know the company and its areas of activity. We listened to lectures on clinical trials and their organization, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, bioethics, drug registration, and more. I believe that the knowledge gained at the Academy is valuable and helpful for all participants of the Academy and their future careers.

What did the future hold for you after the Academy?

I mainly was interested in pharmacovigilance, so we agreed on an internship in this department during the summer. Interesting fact: the first Biomapas poster I saw was about pharmacovigilance! And the best thing is that after the internship, I was able to join and become a part of this great team. I am happy to be here and to learn from real professionals in this field.


What would you say to the future participants?

I want to encourage everyone who is thinking about participating in the Biomapas Academy. Being at the Academy is exciting and worthwhile. By joining the Academy, you will broaden your horizons, learn from global professionals, improve your life sciences knowledge, and gain valuable experience. I wish good luck to all participants. See you soon at Biomapas!

Biomapas Academy

What is Clinical Research? Regulatory Affairs? Pharmacovigilance?

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

At the time, I had already finished my Bioengineering studies, but I was continuing them in the Medical Biology field. As for quite some time Biomapas has been stuck in my mind as a prestigious company in the life sciences industry, I would visit their website or...

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