Artūras Rakovskis – Biomapas Academy Alumni

Why did you participate in the Biomapas Academy?

Everything started when I had a trip to a career fair during my studies. This was the first time I met Biomapas in person as there were several lecturers that presented the company itself and its activities. I remember thinking that I would like to work with this team as it piqued my interest.

Later, when I was working on my master’s degree, I came across an advertisement on social media for the Biomapas Academy. I already knew that I wanted to learn more about the pharma industry and was interested in various opportunities, so I applied for this opportunity.


How was your experience during the three months?

The Academy was a continuous cycle spanning several months of interesting lectures from true professionals with extensive knowledge. During this short time, I learned a lot about product development, research, safety information and its systems, different possible roles and their responsibilities, and new opportunities where young specialists can grow and find their place in the life sciences industry.

What did the future hold for you after the Academy?

A while after the Academy, I officially became part of Biomapas and its big family! With my background being an MPharm, I was always interested in drug safety. Therefore, I am working in the Pharmacovigilance Department as a Pharmacovigilance Project Management Assistant. I must say there are many interesting things to learn and experience that I am looking forward to with my team.


What would you say to the future participants?

If you are thinking about participating in the Academy, do not hesitate. Being an alumnus, I can say that you will definitely see the pharma industry from within. It will broaden your understanding; you will gain needed knowledge and experience in life sciences and will be able to apply that information working in your chosen field. I hope to see you at Biomapas!

Biomapas Academy

What is Clinical Research? Regulatory Affairs? Pharmacovigilance?

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

Lina Radvilaitė – Biomapas Academy Alumni

At the time, I had already finished my Bioengineering studies, but I was continuing them in the Medical Biology field. As for quite some time Biomapas has been stuck in my mind as a prestigious company in the life sciences industry, I would visit their website or...

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