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EAEU QPPV Services According to the EAEU GVP, each MAH should appoint and have at its permanent disposal a qualified person responsible for pharmacovigilance (QPPV) in the member-states. One of the challenging legislative aspects of pharmacovigilance is that the EAEU QPPV should reside and work in one of the EAEU countries. Also, the QPPV should have the corresponding theoretical and practical knowledge on conducting pharmacovigilance activities in pharmaceutical and biostatistics spheres.

Since the market is growing, it is challenging to find reliable and experienced experts in the field. Regardless of the changing environment and other challenges, pharmaceutical companies’ interest in expanding business across EAEU and CIS countries has continuously grown.

This region, together with Georgia and Mongolia, covers 13 countries with over 290 million people. This population count makes CIS a desirable market for the pharmaceutical business. As a leader in this niche market, Biomapas offers a full scope of EAEU QPPV and LPPV (LSO) services that allow you to meet on-market pharmacovigilance requirements and exploit this emerging market.

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