Biomapas Announces Two New Appointments to Board of Directors

February 2022

Biomapas, a full spectrum clinical, regulatory, pharmacovigilance and medical information solution provider, is pleased to announce the two new members joining its board of directors. Coming from life science, biopharmaceutical and financial industries, they bring years of experience and leadership to help further lead Biomapas’ expansion worldwide.

The two new board members include Vilius Fokas, BSc, a financial management and strategy expert, and János Filakovsky, MD, PhD, MBA, a senior business leader in the life sciences industry.

Vilius Fokas, BSc

János Filakovsky, MD, PhD, MBA

As János Filakovsky shared, “As a member of the board, I am delighted to be part of such an agile organization, excelling at traditional clinical development and functional services. In the past twenty years, I led organizations dynamically through various transformational changes. I am very much looking forward to applying my experience and working together with Biomapas and its talented teams to make clinical trials safer for patients and more efficient for customers by being pioneers at the digitalization of clinical research processes to establish Biomapas’ position as a true innovator.”

“We welcome our new board members during an important time for Biomapas,” said Audrius Sveikata, Chief Executive Officer of Biomapas. “We are confident that they will not only provide valuable perspectives and contribute to the further progress of Biomapas, but their extensive experience and skills will be significant for building long-term partnerships and fostering growth, innovation and success.”

“I’m honoured to join Biomapas Board, and I look forward to helping the company in its many exciting opportunities ahead,” said Vilius Fokas.

The three new members are joining the existing board members Aris Damušis, LLM (Chairman of the Board), Audrius Sveikata, MD, PhD (CEO, Member of the Board, Co-founder), Petras Sveikata, BEc, and Adam Sherlock, BSc. Simultaneously, board member Vidmantas Fokas, MD, PhD, is resigning.


About Vilius Fokas

Vilius has more than ten years of experience in financial management and strategy in a wide variety of roles, spanning from working in auditing for EY to fast-paced technology companies, such as Adform.


About János Filakovsky

János is an experienced non-executive director and former CEO with extensive professional experience in leading strategically and operationally complex, large scale, highly regulated international multi-site operations, delivering transformation and driving sustainable performance improvement throughout the Life Sciences and Biopharmaceutical sectors.


About Biomapas

Biomapas is a functional and full outsourcing solution provider to the global life science industry.

As a trusted partner for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, we have one-stop-shop clinical research capabilities in high recruiting countries, delivering regulatory, pharmacovigilance and medical information excellence across Europe, CIS, EAEU, MENA, LATAM regions and the US throughout the entire product lifecycle. We ensure clients satisfaction by rapid, efficient and cost-effective working practices.

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