Oncology trials in a shifting economical and geopolitical landscape

Webinar: Oncology trials in a shifting economical and geopolitical landscape

The pharmaceutical and biotech fields are spinning around, seeking to adapt to the current geopolitical situation and its impact on current and future oncology trials. Many trials have been shifted to other countries or regions while the complexity of managing risk increases.

Even though managing your studies in these economic times might seem challenging, all you need is thoughtful preparation and adaptation measures. Our experts will share practical tips and experience-based results on how you can do it too.

Planning your next oncology study?

Let’s talk how we can team up to conduct them effectively and ensure smooth processes.

What we will talk about?

Our experts will:

1. Give practical advice on how to plan your clinical study budget effectively;
2. Share the experience of successful geography shifts for ongoing clinical studies;
3. Discuss global tendencies in oncology clinical trials and how to adapt to them;
4. Talk about how to handle risk management.

    Duration: 50 minutes.


    • Regina Auškalnienė, Chief Global Clinical Research Officer
    • Vladimir Mukovozchik, Head of Project Management
    • Oleg Kungurtsev, Head of Clinical Monitoring
    Regina Auškalnienė

    Regina Auškalnienė

    Chief Global Clinical Research Officer

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