Join our webinar and let us guide you through the thrilling world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the life sciences industry. Dive deep into this high-stakes environment where innovation meets opportunity, and unlock the potential for transformative growth in your business.

Developing drug products and medical devices is no easy task. It takes significant time, resources, and dedication. Our webinar will explore how M&A deals enable companies to combine their expertise and resources, paving the way for a competitive edge.

The life sciences industry is riddled with challenges, from regulatory approvals and intellectual property to an ever-changing competitive landscape. A single M&A deal can make or break a company’s future, with far-reaching implications for patients worldwide. Let our experts show you how to approach these intricate transactions with the foresight and strategy you need to thrive.

Unlock the Power of Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)

Take advantage of the invaluable support provided by Clinical Research Organizations during M&A projects. In our webinar, we’ll reveal how CROs contribute to success in various ways, ensuring a seamless integration of resources and knowledge that can propel your company to new heights.

Don’t miss your chance to master the art of M&A in the life sciences industry. Join us for an unforgettable learning experience and secure your spot in our webinar today.

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    Petras Sveikata

    Petras Sveikata

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Petras Sveikata has joined Biomapas as a Member of the Board in 2020. Petras has been involved in principal investing and investment banking since 2015. Before assuming the Principal’s role with the life sciences group Sveikata & CO, Petras was an Associate Director in the leading Baltic Investment Banking boutique Superia where he initially started as a 2nd-year analyst. While with Superia Petras participated in both M&A and capital raising transactions in various sectors with the most recent transaction being the acquisition of the largest Lithuanian private clinic MediCa and Kardiolita hospital chains completed in September 2020. Mr. Sveikata holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from City University London.

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