Strategic Pharmacovigilance Activities. Scalable and Tailor-made Outsourcing Models

Webinar: Strategic Pharmacovigilance Activities. Scalable and Tailor-made Outsourcing Models

Larger companies often limit their strategic pharmacovigilance activities outsourcing only to highly manual and repetitive tasks, while the smaller ones may want to outsource their entire pharmacovigilance system. But is there anything in between?

  • How can larger companies benefit from outsourcing strategic pharmacovigilance activities while maintaining full control and compliance?
  • How can small/medium-sized companies get access to a serious pharmacovigilance database that grows with them without having to break the bank?
  • What are the advantages of scalable and tailor-made outsourcing models?
  • How can the pharmaceutical companies obtain benefits from the scalability and standardization required to ensure central oversight while also retaining local effectiveness?


You will learn about strategic pharmacovigilance activities outsourcing through scalable and tailor-made outsourcing models and how it can be done in a controlled way:


1. Full pharmacovigilance outsourcing

  • What does it mean?
  • How will you remain in control?

2. Outsourcing a pharmacovigilance database

  • How to select a proper database?
  • How to get access to it without buying it yourself?
  • What control levels can you opt for?

3. Outsourcing specific strategic pharmacovigilance activities

  • How to remain in control?

Optimizing your pharmacovigilance activities?

Make use of our experts’ invaluable know-how in managing pharmacovigilance activities while remaining in control.

Who should attend?

  • Global QPPVs / Deputies
  • QPPV Office managers
  • Heads of Pharmacovigilance
  • Heads of Pharmacovigilance Technologies
  • Drug Safety Managers
  • Drug Safety Leaders involved in Risk Management, Aggregate Safety reports, Oversight and Standards

Duration: 50 min.


  • Head of Global Pharmacovigilance, Martijn van de Leur;
  • International QPPV, Olga Asimaki;
  • QPO Manager and Head of Pharmacovigilance Technologies, Gediminas Zvicevičius.
Martijn van de Leur, MSc

Martijn van de Leur, MSc

Head of Global Pharmacovigilance

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