Regulatory Strategy in the EAEU and rest of CIS Countries

Webinar: Regulatory Strategy in the EAEU and Rest of CIS Countries

Regulatory strategy in EAEU and CIS regions differ from other regions as market access to these countries can be a real challenge due to various local regulations. However, it is only a matter of experience and adequate know-how.

This webinar focuses on choosing your regulatory strategy for Eurasian Economic Union and Commonwealth of Independent States, best practices and practical tips for market access and current regulatory status and GMP requirements.


You will learn about:

1. Commonwealth of Independent States

  • Differences and overlaps with EAEU

2. Regulatory strategy in the EAEU

  • Current status and main challenges
  • Practical tips

3. Regulatory strategy in the CIS region

  • What is the current status?
  • Best practices and key tips for main challenges
  • GMP requirements in EAEU and CIS


Who should attend?

  • Global and regional RA Managers
  • Regulatory Strategy Managers
  • RA Partnerships Operations Manager
  • QA Managers supporting RA
  • RA Healthcare Compliance Managers


Duration: 25 min.

Speaker: Regulatory Affairs Project Manager, Nargiz Asgarova, BSc, MBA, who will share her expertise on regulatory strategy in EAEU and CIS regions.

Nargiz Asgarova, BSc, MBA

Nargiz Asgarova, BSc, MBA

Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

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