Raimonda Kliemienė, Head of Sourcing and Recruitment – Lithuania (HQ)

What is your role at Biomapas?

My role is leading the recruitment and sourcing processes here. As the company has grown over the years, we had an opportunity to see which fields are of the most interest to us.

As I have been with Biomapas for more than 15 years, I’ve tried several things, starting from the administration. However, throughout the years, I have participated in selecting many new team members to join our growing teams. So, it turned out that the recruitment activities became the right choice for me, from searching, evaluating, hiring to retaining the current colleagues.

How did you become part of Biomapas team?

Even though that happened a while ago, it’s actually an interesting story. While I was studying, a fellow student was working here and invited me to apply for the administrator’s position. As much as I wanted to join the team, my personal life took me towards a different path at that moment. However, a year later, the same fellow student invited me again for the same position, and this time I gladly did. When I started here, the life sciences industry was still evolving, and I didn’t have a vast knowledge library in my mind of all the activities.

But when I look back now, it seems a bit unreal – so many things have happened and changed throughout the fifteen years I have been a part of this Biomapas community. Things have spun around 360 degrees all around. I recently looked through some of the older materials we have, and it brought a smile to my face. It reminded me of how much everything evolved, and how many projects I had a chance to be a part of, from participating in the first international conference to creating the first marketing materials. Even though it seems so long ago, it never got boring.


How do you feel being part of Biomapas now?

I do know the company pretty well now. But all the changes from back then to now, all the growth of the company and all the operational and activity areas, internationality development – it all led to the maturity, to the strong and directional growth you see now. The whole process led to days being never the same. We all evolved together, and now it’s incredible to see where we are. This also has to do with the trust you feel from the higher-ups – it gives you the opportunities to develop and grow with the company. I still appreciate the trust I was given from the first days here.


What is your usual day here?

It’s looking for candidates for various open positions, reaching out to them, looking for a match between us as a company and them as potential team members. Communication takes a significant portion of your time.

The other part of my ordinary day would be looking out for trends and tendencies in the job market. You research the current and upcoming changes, analyze other companies and organizations, what methods are being used to find talents, and how they are approached.

However, the day-to-day activities change as sometimes you are looking for candidates to fill open positions while other times you are strategizing potential future roles and how we could fill them. Recruiting might sound simple, but a lot of qualifications and personal characteristics are key in finding the best fit between you and the candidate.


What is the most challenging for you?

At this moment, it’s to give the company all the opportunities to grow and reach its strategy through providing qualified and culturally fit colleagues from all around the world. So, one challenge is to find the right fit, that match that would create this beneficial partnership for both parties.

The other challenge is creating that environment, that culture, that community everyone seeks and needs to feel welcome and realize themselves to grow and develop.

Looking at the past, there were different challenges. Many things seemed like challenges at those moments, while now I would not consider them as such. I believe this is just another sign showing how much we evolved and matured throughout those years.


What do you like the most?

It’s actually hard to say. There are many small things that form this big picture of that warm feeling you have inside. We have a strong supportive culture which took a lot of effort to create, so that everyone would have a shoulder to rely on and to boost them higher. But we seek to create not just a friendly atmosphere, but a mature collaboration environment. Despite the generational differences, this kind of culture allows a trust-based collaboration.

The other things would be smaller, for example, company events. We invite our international colleagues to join us in the summers and organize a program for everyone. It feels great to see everyone face-to-face in real life. It brings down the wall that email and video calls create where you technically know who the person is but not truly. These events build the needed bonds to create real teams. You get to see the world from different perspectives.


To whom would you recommend working in people and office management?

You must have an open heart and enjoy not just working with people but growing them around you. When you work in people management, you need to have your arms open and extended to any person that comes to you. Qualifications do not mean everything. You must look at the person itself. And not only look but listen to their needs. You have to want to help the person realize themselves.

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