Pharmacovigilance Opportunities in the MENA Region

Webinar: Pharmacovigilance Opportunities in the MENA Region

Pharmacovigilance is getting more and more attention in MENA countries thanks to new regulations and steps in the right direction. The MENA region itself holds great promise for the pharmaceutical industry, being potentially hugely profitable. Together these 22 countries have a 350 million population that spends over $30 billion on pharmaceutical products per year and show robust growth. However, it is not a simple task to enter this market due to various factors, including the lack of a centralized pharmaceutical regulator. So how do you effectively guarantee pharmacovigilance in a region that shows significant differences in pharmacovigilance maturity at the country level?

Ensuring drug safety in MENA?

Let’s talk how we can team up to manage your pharmacovigilance activities in the emerging markets.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals from drug safety:

  • Global QPPVs / Deputies
  • QPPV Office managers
  • Heads of Pharmacovigilance
  • Heads of Pharmacovigilance Technologies
  • Drug Safety Managers and Leaders

Duration: 1 hour.


  • Martijn van de Leur, Head of Global Pharmacovigilance
  • Albert Bekfi, Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations
Martijn van de Leur

Martijn van de Leur

Head of Global Pharmacovigilance

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