National differences for Pharmacovigilance in Europe

National Differences For Pharmacovigilance Requirements In Europe.

Webinar date & time: March 7th 15:00 CET

Join our webinar on “Navigating National Differences in Setting up a Pharmacovigilance System in Europe.” This session will discuss the regulations and guidelines to consider when implementing a pharmacovigilance system in Europe. 

From country-specific reporting requirements to cultural considerations, we will cover the key factors you must consider to ensure compliance and effective pharmacovigilance practices across the region. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company looking to expand into the European market, or an existing player looking to optimize your pharmacovigilance processes, this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical tips for success.

The webinar will lead by our field experts, who share their experiences and best practices. So let’s dive in and explore the complexities and opportunities of pharmacovigilance in Europe.

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Albert Befki, MSc

Albert Befki, MSc

Head of Global Pharmacovigilance Operations

Albert is a pharmacovigilance expert with over 11 years of experience in the field. He has vast experience in different pharmacovigilance operations, from literature monitoring, vendor management, global and local case processing oversight, to safety database management. Before joining Biomapas, Albert held several strategic pharmacovigilance roles in various outsourcing service providers. He has extensive leadership experience in the pharma industry, which led him to become the Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations at Biomapas.

Setting up Pharmacovigilance In Europe?

Let’s talk how we can team up to conduct them effectively and ensure smooth processes.

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