Megi Muradashvili, Senior Clinical Research Associate – Georgia

What is your role at Biomapas?

My role is Senior Clinical research associate. I am mainly responsible for overseeing clinical trials and their performance in strict accordance with the protocol, ICH-GCP requirements, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for monitoring particular clinical trials. I oversee the assigned studies by supervising and supporting people working in the facilities. I make sure that everything follows the protocol, is well performed in line with instructions, and is adequately documented. 

I keep in touch with the study sites to ensure smooth conduct and am responsible for any questions or concerns the staff might have and communicate with the clients to follow up on the activities.


How did you start your career here?

I started here a while ago – it gave me time to grow from the clinical research associate position to the senior level position. The emerging new positions in Georgia attracted me, so I took on the opportunity to become part of the team. 

What surprised me the most was the cooperation and comfortable environment created to foster growth and is the main drive for me. My know-how and professional skills have improved more than I expected as I felt support from my colleagues here and the management and coworkers abroad.


How does your everyday look like?

Often I start by responding to any questions or problems that might have come up. I review my prepared plan for the day to make sure everything is in order. During the day, I contact the clients and study sites to follow up on any current matters as the conversations are always ongoing. I have a personal rule to always respond to any inquiries even if you do not have the answer or needed information immediately. You can find anything if you start looking.

I usually like to end my day by reflecting on the day’s tasks and preparing for tomorrow by planning the most urgent to-do activities.


What challenges do you usually face?

The challenges have changed significantly over the years. The pandemic changed the usual ways of clinical research with unexpected restrictions, which was a challenge for everyone.

Then there are challenges with people themselves as it is in human nature sometimes to be unpredictable. There are no usual or constant challenges as the whole pharma industry continuously improves and evolves due to global changes.


What is it like to work at Biomapas?

You are always surrounded by the support you might need. I always feel like I am a part of the team, including the upper management, who always share knowledge, allowing you to learn from the experts. As such, you tend to feel comfortable as people here are eager to learn and give their professional advice in case you need it. You will always find direct and uncomplicated communication, which is being fostered.

I remember how we had our last Biomapas party with all the employees from different countries – it was incredible to meet all the coworkers in real life. It’s nice to share personal stories and talk about fun topics that remind you that the people here are not just your work colleagues. This gives the feeling that we are a big family.


To whom would you recommend working in clinical research?

To successfully work in clinical research, you must always be ready for new experiences while still staying organized. You need to have the ability to comply with the continuously updated requirements and find new ways to improve current processes. Besides, you are in constant contact with your team and study facilities, so open communication is necessary.

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