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Medical Inquiry Intake & Management


Multilingual Call Handling Service

Biomapas provides native language Medical Information Specialists across all European, CIS and MENA countries as well as central management of Inquiries in English. We offer Scalable and Tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Medical Inquiry Management System

Biomapas Medical Information Excellence platform is a validated system for intake, entry, processing, and documentation of Medical Inquiries (MI), Adverse Events (AE), and Product Quality Complaints (PQC). Calls are received directly through the platform regardless of the country of the requestor and are handled by our trained Medical Information Specialists. Access to database content is limited to licensed users based on system set-up and security access while allowing aggregation of data to facilitate global metric and scientific insight collection.

Respond to inquiries through both verbal and written communication channels 

Responses are provided directly to requestors through the preferred communication channel, including but not limited to phone, email, fax, or hard-mail.

Adverse event, Product Quality Complaint Intake and Handling

Our Medical Information Specialists are trained to sufficiently identify and intake Adverse Events and Quality Complaints, collect the appropriate data, document and timely report Safety Information directly to manufacturers or their partners’ PV department to ensure that legal requirements are met. The Adverse Events and Quality Complaints received are documented in the Medical Information Management System and the compliance with reporting timelines is centrally monitored.

After-Hour Support

We can offer a variety of After-Hours options including live calls, on-call services, and voicemail.

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