Inga Lakštauskienė, Eastern EU & Nordics Regulatory Affairs Lead – Lithuania (HQ)

What is your role at Biomapas?

I manage an operationally dedicated regulatory affairs team in Eastern EU & Nordics region and coordinate various regulatory affairs projects. My regional team consists of specialists with varying levels of experience, spinning from junior to highly experienced.

I coordinate my teams’ work to ensure services on time and the highest quality. I make sure that my teams’ personal and professional development is always one of the priorities as it is one of the factors for moving forward and reaching your goals.


How did you start your career here?

I started my career here after I realized that I prefer working on the business side of the pharma more than in the pharmacy. I wanted to be involved not only in selling the final medicinal product to the patients but all the development and actions that must be taken before the final product reaches the market. So, I became a Regulatory Affairs Specialist as the subtilities of this area was what made me want to get involved.

Regulatory affairs attracted me because you can imagine it as a metaphorical tree with all the different branches leading to different paths but still having the same goal. So, I started as a specialist and grew into a regulatory affairs lead for Eastern EU & Nordics region.


How does your everyday look like?

I enjoy starting my day by sorting out my priorities and identifying the matters of the highest importance – it lets me keep a clear head and follow my plan. Also, I align the priorities with my team, so that everyone is up to date with what needs to be done or completed. This is also the time I allocate to my team to support them.

Every day I am in contact with certain clients, competent authorities and the management team – we collaborate on various projects and seek to advance our processes and activities. My days are usually very active, so I prefer to end them on a calmer note by reflecting on my day with task planning for the next day and the upcoming projects. I always think forward as the majority of the activities are continuous, so you must be prepared but remain flexible.


What challenges do you usually face?

One of the challenges might be the ever-changing regulatory environment and evolving industry. You will never be bored as you will face many things you have not encountered before which means you have to be ready to learn and figure upcoming things out.

Besides, clients usually tend to come to us with certain difficult questions, so one of the main challenges is always making sure that all parties are happy and satisfied as we have a mindset to provide the highest quality.


What is it like to work at Biomapas?

First of all, it’s a growing company which is why you always feel the push to grow with it too. Our values have developed over a long period of time, so they reflect our personal values as well. You can see how people are recognized and how we foster our talented team members to grow further. As an example, I was recently nominated to be one of the lecturers at our organized Biomapas Academy for young life science specialists. This kind of company recognition always pushes you to move forward.


To whom would you recommend working in Regulatory Affairs?

First, you should be interested in regulatory affairs as an area or as a part of medicinal products development. You should understand why you must keep yourself to high standards – the regulatory field is where you always have to be on top of all current global or regional matters and changes.

If you like to be faced with new challenges, interesting questions and new projects, regulatory affairs can be a very rewarding career field.

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