How to Avoid Delays in Your Early Phase Oncology Trial?

Webinar: How to Avoid Delays in Your Early Phase Oncology Trial?

Many things can go array in your early phase oncology trials, from protocol development, taking care of a safety profile, getting the ethics committee / regulatory authority’s approval, managing vendors, and much more. They all cost precious time and increase the overall costs.

Despite the challenges, the number of oncology clinical trials increases year after year as more treatment options seek to reach the market. At the same time, these studies are becoming progressively more complex, bringing new challenges. So, often a simple question arises: how to avoid these delays in early phase oncology studies?

Planning your next oncology study?

Let’s talk how we can team up to overcome common challenges and ensure smooth processes.

What we will talk about?

How to avoid the most common delays in early phase oncology trials:

  • Protocol development
  • Safety profile
  • Seeking approvals by the Ethics Committee/Regulatory Authority
  • Safety Review Committees/Independent Monitoring Boards
  • IP manufacturing
  • Vendors and their management

Duration: 50 minutes.


  • Vladimir Mukovozchik, Head of Project Management
  • Artūras Pažėra, Senior Project Manager
Vladimir Mukovozchik

Vladimir Mukovozchik

Head of Project Management

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