Edita Kaupienė, Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations – Lithuania (HQ)

What is your role at Biomapas?

I am in a vastly interesting position. Being the head of pharmacovigilance operations offers many opportunities to implement new initiatives while overseeing current projects and processes.

As I lead my team, I am responsible for pharmacovigilance projects’ planning and execution for our clients. I coordinate all related activities spinning from the strategy to my team’s everyday tasks. Besides, together we are always coming up with new ideas to improve our operations, so I am always sharing my know-how with my colleagues as we are working closely on every project.


How did you start your career here?

I joined the team during my last year of studies. I always knew I wanted to work with the scientific and business part of the pharma industry, so I started as an assistant for both pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs departments.

Since then, I have changed my position a few times as I experienced what it’s like to be in the pharma and quickly learned (and I am still learning) various industry insights with the help of supportive colleagues who were never shy from sharing their expertise. I started as an assistant, and right now, I am the head of pharmacovigilance operations.


How does your everyday look like?

Well, no day is the same, which is what I prefer. From my first days here, I have realized that there is no routine you can fall into. There are always new things that come up, further questions that arise, but it’s always solvable, helping you grow. So even though something may feel like a challenge, it’s usually fun to work with.

However, I usually start my day by meeting with my team to plan and discuss the current and upcoming projects and meet our clients. I typically follow up on previously planned activities during the day, but I often need to quickly find answers to a new matter that has turned up. I like to end my day by planning tomorrow’s tasks and talking with my team, which helps me always stay prepared.


What challenges do you usually face?

One of my main daily challenges is to keep the work quality high and consistent as it affects people well beyond our reach. My team and I are a big part of Biomapas, so creating and maintaining a positive and result-oriented atmosphere is key to success.


What is it like to work at Biomapas?

The team here is incredible. Since my first days, I have been welcomed with open arms, which has helped me grow and improve. People here recognize each other’s results, so you can see that your achievements will not be ignored, which is highly motivating. You can see your own and your teams’ results, leading you to take more steps further towards your goals.

I am proud of being part of the team here as we all are very close. We even have been awarded the internal title of the “Team of the Year” a few years in a row! It’s rewarding to work with so many positive-minded people – it feels like being part of a community.


To whom would you recommend working in pharmacovigilance?

To successfully work in pharmacovigilance, you need to be curious, purposeful, and determined. These are the main drives that push you forward to reach your goals.

Working here is not just coming in every day and doing your tasks – you need to be open to improvement as the culture here is based on sharing and learning.

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