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Phase IV – RWE Studies

Real-World Data (RWD) like Health records, medical claims and registries, patient-generated data, and more sources can help you understand treatments already on the market. Biomapas’ experts can help you transform this RWD into meaningful RWE to support your drug development programs.

Biomapas’ market strategy experts formulate strategies to increase value quickly but, above all, ensure patient safety by monitoring long-term outcomes and safety. We invite you to make use of our cost-effective infrastructure, multi-disciplinary teams, and the most advanced in integrated technologies. Employing Biomapas’ expertise in Real World Data and innovative trials can support your value claims to patients and payers alike, reducing development costs and boosting trial recruitment. 

We offer dedicated project management staff with global experience and an understanding of local regulatory requirements. Our solutions focus on efficiency concerning site management and remote monitoring, and we continuously welcome technologies that optimize data flow, trial management, and reporting.


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Challenges in early phase oncology trials