Biomapas joins SwedenBIO organization

December 2021

Biomapas has joined the SwedenBIO organization starting November 2021. Joining SwedenBIO’s mission to promote an environment bringing success and growth to the entire Swedish life science industry, we seek to walk the path in developing the life sciences sector.

“Having participated in SwedenBIO’s activities throughout many years, I know how highly valued the organization is in the Swedish life science industry. It is more than clear seeing the growing number of members from many parts of the industry. The impact of SwedenBIO’s activities is evident in all aspects of life sciences in Sweden,” said Ola Jeppsson, CEO and Business Development Director, Biomapas Nordic AB.

“I look forward to being an active member of the SwedenBIO organization on behalf of Biomapas. We seek to connect Swedish Biotech companies with our clinical research solutions in the Nordics and the CEE/CIS regions. Studies here can be conducted efficiently, helping companies to reach their milestones earlier,” Ola added.

Active participation of Biomapas in all relevant events that connect SwedenBIO members, from members-only meetings to major conferences, will allow Biomapas to expand its reach and further boost its growth.


About SwedenBIO

SwedenBIO is the national non-profit association for the life science industry in Sweden, with more than 300 members. Sweden has an innovative life science industry, strong academia and world leading infrastructure for research.


About Biomapas

Biomapas is a functional and full outsourcing solution provider to the global life science industry.

As a trusted partner for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, we have one-stop-shop clinical research capabilities in high recruiting countries, delivering regulatory, pharmacovigilance and medical information excellence across Europe, CIS, EAEU, MENA, LATAM regions and the US throughout the entire product lifecycle. We ensure clients satisfaction by rapid, efficient and cost-effective working practices.

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By following the steps outlined in this guide, sponsors and investigators can ensure that their clinical trials are conducted safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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