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It is no secret that the evolution of evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making, and novel technologies have transformed how we share information and interact with Healthcare Professionals and Patients. The advances in automation, digitization, real-world evidence & Big Data analysis can empower Healthcare Professionals and patients with knowledge while upholding compliance with the relevant guidelines.  Still, there are plenty of challenges for pharmaceutical companies to work on. Do these sound familiar?

    High budgets for compliance maintenance?

    Inconsistency of answers, lack of quality?

    Slow scalability due capacity limitations?

    Low customer satisfaction?

    Meet AIMIE

    Artificial Intelligence For Medical Information Excellence

    These questions made Biomapas change the way we look at medical information and communication and inspired us to develop new health information technology. A solution that aims to streamline processes and innovate. We believe our AI Solution in Medical information will move medical information teams forward, and drive business goals.

      1. Improved customer experience

      Unparalled speed enhances your key metric, user experience.

      2. Quality & Performance

      Thanks to low error rate compared to humans

      3. Increased efficiency & cost-effectiveness

      Estimates indicate up to 30% saving on Contact Centre service costs

      4. Enhanced scalability of solutions

      Addressing of increased volume of inquiries & expansion accommodation

      5. Consistency & Compliance

      Consistency of responses and no response negotiation or misinterpretation

      6. Logical Thinking

      Rational decisions without emotions

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