Our life


Taking care of our world.

We act in ways to create a better future.

We facilitate and foster positive change in our communities and the next generations.

Healthy lifestyle

We steer our teams and families towards healthy choices and activities.


We take progressive sustainability actions to take care of our planet.


We support communities with charities, donations, and volunteering.


We lead youths to the life sciences industry by closing educational gaps.

Healthy lifestyle.

Nourishing the well-being of our team and close ones.

We foster a mindset of healthy choices, such as thoughtfully taking time and space to slow down and have a repose. We organize mental health seminars to learn how to manage everyday stress and foster our internal motivation. We cultivate movement by providing additional private health insurance, sponsoring annual marathons, and walking for charity challenges.


Fostering close relationships.

We support our local communities by organizing various initiatives or participating in nationwide ones.

We focus on a wide variety of activities based on ou global team’s input. We join hikes for garbage collection in different countries, sponsor blood donation drives, organize back-to-school donations for families, host annual pie day donation initiatives, and arrange donations to children’s day centres throughout the year.

We are proud to be part of a community our teams uphold: open-hearted, overflowing with goodwill, and always eager to share and support.


Growing a future generation of life sciences specialists.

We are closing a gap in higher education that youth experiences when seeking career in clinical research, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and medical information.

We host an annual multidisciplinary program to educate students and recent graduates about the essentials of life sciences and career oppotunities. We collaborate with universities annually by leading their clinical trial modules.

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Regulatory Affairs


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